The BedMaker

Full set of 4
(for the 4 corners of the bed)

4 BedMakers


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How did you hear about the BedMaker?
UPC: 0780578550007

The BedMaker

Half set of 2
(for 2 corners of the bed)

2 BedMakers


Choose your delivery method (IMPORTANT: You must buy the BedMaker in USD if it is being shipped to the US. Otherwise we cannot ship across the border from Canada.):

How did you hear about the BedMaker?
UPC: 0780578550014
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**Please do not buy 2 sets through this website. Write to me at and request a custom invoice for 2 sets or more. The website doesn't adjust shipping for more than 1 set, and I just can't ship two for the price of one with the weight of the product. Sorry.
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 IMPORTANT: The BedMaker does NOT lift the mattress for you. You still have to pull up 6 inches to open it. After that the foot stand clicks in and props the mattress up. If you do not have the hand strength to lift the mattress corner six inches, you may have trouble operating the BedMaker. Please consider this carefully before buying.  

 COMMON MISUNDERSTANDING: You cannot move the BedMaker from corner to corner. It stays on the bed. The sheets tuck right into it, holding it in place. Also, it sticks down permanently with an adhesive pad. So the half set of 2 cannot be used for more than 2 corners by moving them around.  

 WHAT IF YOUR MATTRESS SITS INSIDE A FRAME WITH A RIM AROUND THE EDGE?: A low rim is fine (3-4"), but anything higher gets awkward. You must place the BedMakers diagonally at the corners and slide your hand in to reach them. Also, even if you have a low rim, there needs to be a slat or solid surface right near the corner, for the BedMaker to sit on. The BedMaker is 13" long and should span at least 2 slats to be stable. The adhesive pad at the open end (nearest the corner) needs to contact a slat to stick down, at least partially. If there is no slat near the end of your bed, it won't work. If you are unsure, send a photo to and I'll tell you if it will work. 

I cannot say enough about this clever device! We have a natural latex mattress and it weighs a ton. The BedMaker works so well that I actually look forward to changing the bottom sheet! It is simple and clever and it works. My back thanks you and my bad shoulder thanks you!

Anne, Ottawa

The BedMaker on a bed.
I’m a senior and I was one of the first customers to buy the BedMaker. Four years later, they are still working the way they did the first day. Do yourself a favour and stop making your bed the old way, and pick up a set for yourself and anyone else you know that struggles to lift bed corners.

Peter, Ottawa

This product is absolute genius. It works exactly as advertised. Once in place, these devices work without issue .. they hold the bed up and you can set your sheets, take your time, and then gently place the bed down again. My mattress is a a KLUFT King Size, and I was doubtful it would sustain the weight. It did. they disappear when they're not in use. Good design shows through as every aspect was considered. If you have aging mom/dad, get it for them. More amazing then the product is the customer service, Lisa, genuinely stands behind her product 100%. Buy this product with confidence ... you won't regret it.

D.F. Oakville, ON

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My Story

How The BedMaker Came to Be

2 BedMakers
The idea for the BedMaker came when I saw my grandmother struggling to change her bedsheets. With one hand on her walker, and fingers crippled with arthritis, she faced a daunting task. To my surprise there was next to nothing on the market that even addressed this problem, and certainly nothing that solved it well. The idea for the BedMaker was born.

After a quick rundown of power tools from my husband, Read more...


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