Set of 2 BedMakers
UPC: 0780578550014
2 BedMakers
Set of 4 BedMakers
UPC: 0780578550007
2 BedMakers

What a marvellous invention! We are both ageing and this really helps get fitted sheets FITTED. It also helps in our ability to continue living independently.

The Brewers, Ottawa

The BedMaker on a bed.

The BedMaker on Rogers TV!

My Story

How The BedMaker Came to Be

2 BedMakers
The idea for the BedMaker came when I saw my grandmother struggling to change her bedsheets. With one hand on her walker, and fingers crippled with arthritis, she faced a daunting task. To my surprise there was next to nothing on the market that even addressed this problem, and certainly nothing that solved it well. The idea for the BedMaker was born.

After a quick rundown of power tools from my husband, Read more...


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